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Importance Of Online News Portal

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Importance Of Online News Portal

Today everybody wants to get updated with the latest happenings around the world. But in today’s fast life nobody has time to sit in front of television all day and watch breaking news. Nowadays web media has become a great medium of educating and informing people. Sixty six percent people are using internet on their smart phones. They can easily access online media portals whenever and wherever they want to know that what is going on around the whole world. People can get knowledge of any region just by putting an appropriate keyword in the search engine. For instance you want to know about the latest informations of Lucknow. Just write knowledge from Lucknow in search engine and you will find ample of websites telling you latest news from Lucknow. Top information is just a click away from you.

Importance Of Online News Portal

According to a survey conducted for MSNBC, most of the adult workers spend their more time on web media for reading news and information rather than spending time on traditional media like television, radio, newspaper etc. During a day 35 per cent of people use internet for news. 37 per cent of people said that they use internet for Online Breaking News while 35 per cent use traditional media for news purpose.

Online News Portal Serves Many Purposes

  1. Provide Information: Online media portal give information about every field- political, social, sports, health, science, entertainment etc to the public.
  2. Educate People: Online media portals not only provide information but also educate people about the social & political structure. People come to know about the upcoming challenges and learn how to combat the circumstances.
  3. Instant & Latest News: Online media portals made latest information only a single click away. People can get a minute update across the globe only by a single click.
  4. News Per Interest: People have their own interest. Some might be have interest in politics while others can have interest in sports or entertainment. Web media does not work on bullet theory. People have ample of options to choose from. They can read news as per their interest.
  5. Easily Accessible: Online media portals are easily accessible. Today 66 per cent of people have smart phones and they access internet on their smart phones only. People can get updated with the latest updates anywhere they go.
  6. Live Coverage of Sports: Online portals provide live coverage of sports. News portals do not let disappoint fans of any sports no matter whether it is cricket match or a tennis tournament. Fans can get updated with the scores while they are at work.
  7. Easy Feedback Receiver: It is a big task for traditional media to collect feedback from their readers or viewers. But for web media, it is not a hard nut to crack. media portals can get feedback from their viewers by comment option. Even media website can get comment on their every news. It is a two way communication. People can easily send their views and feedback.
  8. Minute to Minute coverage of any breaking news: media websites do minute to minute coverage of breaking news. It is not possible for people to wait for next morning for news or sit all time in front of television to watch breaking news. Web media has broken all these barriers. People can get news on their mobile anywhere they go.
  9. Exclusive Videos: People can watch exclusive videos according to their convenience. People are not bound with the time.
  10. Pictures of news events: People can watch exclusive pictures of media events.
  11. Archive: It is the most important feature. People can get information of past anytime by searching it in archive section.
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