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Training For Make Your Health Good

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Training For Make Your Health Good

Brazilian researchers conducted experiments with rats, found that running can protect mice lungs from the invasion of pollutants in the air. A conclusion can be obtained from the laboratory findings, and it was that lung inflammation can be relieved by doing aerobic exercise.

Good Health You Can Get By Training

At the same time, aerobic exercise can also curb the pro-inflammatory effects, due to the exposure to air pollution environment. Made a comparison of the amount of nitric oxide that mice exhaled in experiments, and it can be known that when the exhaled nitric oxide increased, then it was the indicator of oxidative stress and nitrogen stress.

Good Health You Can Get By Training

There was a report on “Net-ease exploration” on March 1, and it said researchers that came from Brazil did a mice experiment and it found that lungs of mice can get rid of air pollutants through running. We were likely to learn from the laboratory consequence that lung inflammation would like to be alleviated through aerobic exercise. On “Sports training medical and science” magazine, there was the publication of the research results.

For all people, it was bad news to have air pollution, particularly for those people who were keen on running and bicycling. Because they inhaled a lot of air in doing sports and directly entered the mouth without going through the nose filter. When air pollutants accessed to deep lungs, inflammation and oxidative stress would be stirred up, while diseases such as asthma as well as a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease would be increased. This was why in heavily polluted summer months, the doctor would recommend you to do exercise outdoors as little as possible.

However, researchers from Brazil St.Paul questioned to this proposal. In their opinion, inflammation and oxidative stress would be aroused through exposing to air pollutants, however, inflammation and oxidative stress also could be defeated by aerobic exercise. Even under the environment with contaminants, aerobic exercise may be can bring more health benefits than the risks that would cause. In order to prove this speculation, experiments were done with mice.

First of all, they collected the diesel exhaust particles that were emitted by city bus exhaust pipes, and then they divided the mice into four groups. Nothing would be done to the first group, and we called the group “Control”. The name of the second group was called “Exercise”, and this group would run for continuous five weeks and five times a week. The third group was “Diesel exhaust particles” group (DEP), had inhalation of diesel exhaust particles, but without running.

The last group was “Diesel exhaust particles plus exercise” group, that was to say, the “DEP + Exercise” group, and they needed both running and the inhalation of diesel exhaust particles. At the end of this research that lasted for five weeks, they conducted a series of tests, assessed the inflammation of the mice, oxidative stress and lung changes.

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