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Neutralize Your Allergies With These Phenolic Compound Benefits

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Neutralize Your Allergies With These Phenolic Compound Benefits

You probably know just how important the vitamins and minerals are. Newspapers, magazines, and websites all hammer home the benefits of these natural nutrients.

Whilst this praise is fully justified, it does mean that other important nutrients get ignored. In this article, I will be helping to bring some much-needed attention to these other important nutrients by discussing 5 key phenolic acid benefits.

Boosting Your Mental Health

Boosting Your Mental Health

As you get older you become more susceptible to mental disorders. Fortunately, the phenolic compounds can help keep your brain in tip-top shape as you age. Research has revealed that eating these natural nutrients can prevent Alzheimer’s disease (a mental disorder that causes memory problems, thought problems and speech problems) and Parkinson’s disease (a mental disorder that causes mobility and speech problems).

Keeping Your Skin Healthy

One of the visible phenolic compound benefits is that they keep your skin healthy. Research has shown that these natural nutrients can prevent various skin disorders including acne (a skin disorder that causes red pimples), eczema (a skin disorder that causes your skin to become dry and red), psoriasis (a skin disorder that causes red, itchy, scaly skin) and shingles (a skin rash that causes pain and burning).

Preventing Allergies

Another of the useful phenolic compound benefits is that they can prevent allergies. When you are allergic to something your body releases a chemical called histamine. Histamine is responsible for many of the common allergic symptoms including itching, sneezing, swelling, and redness. The phenolic compounds counteract the negative effects of histamine and minimize the severity of allergic reactions.

Preventing Stomach Problems

If you have problems with your stomach then eating more phenolic compounds could be the answer. These natural nutrients can prevent indigestion, inflammatory bowel disorder (IBD) and stomach ulcers.

Protecting Against Free Radicals

Free radicals are harmful by-products that get released into your body’s cells during oxygen-based reactions. They have been linked with cancer (a disease where your body’s cells start to grow in a rapid, out of control way), diabetes (a disease where your blood glucose levels reach dangerously high levels) and accelerated aging. The good news is that the phenolic compounds are all potent antioxidants (substances that protect your body’s cells from free radicals) and by consuming foods that contain high levels of these natural nutrients you can avoid their damaging effects.


When it comes to nutrients, vitamins and minerals normally get all the attention. However, the phenolic compounds should be included in any healthy, balanced diet. Fortunately, they can be found in most fruits, herbs, nuts, vegetables, and teas. So if you make sure you are eating a broad range of natural, plant-based foods you should have all the bases covered and be able to enjoy the phenolic compound benefits discussed in this article.

Tom Parker owns Free Fitness Tips which contains a wide range of articles on the nutrients that can be found in food. You can learn more about the phenolic compounds and the many phenolic compound benefits by visiting Free Fitness Tips.

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