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Lobbyists And Their Influence In Politics

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Lobbyists And Their Influence In Politics

Most of the people are of the view that lobbyists play a significant role in guiding companies, interest groups, and individuals through the intricate legislative process.

More About The Influence In Politics

To further support their argument they cite the first amendment to the Constitution which makes it pretty clear that every US citizen has the right to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. But at the same time, they fail to answer that how an individual should exercise his right granted by the constitution and how serious or impartial are lobbyists when it comes to safeguarding the interest of various sections of society.

More About The Influence In Politics

It is hard to deny that some of the lobbyists have served a crucial role in formulating the plan of meaningful legislation. But recently, the majority of lobbyists were found involved in unethical and illegal activity. They were found working to serve the interests of their clients. News online revealed the nexus between Congressional scandal or corruption and lobbyists. All of a sudden the whole media attention was grabbed by the lobbyists who represent special interests of their clients and do not deter from influencing political agendas to achieve success.

To diminish the role and influence of lobbyists the Democratic Party government in the USA has imposed new ethics and rules. While favoring the proposal to reduce the participation of loyalists in legislation, a noted conservative member, acknowledged the role of lobbyists in bringing the knowledge and expertise to the legislative table, which enables Congressmen to write sound bills. He further added that a fine line exists between impartial lobbying and using unethical and illegal methods to safeguard their client’s interests.

In the past, whenever Democratic members dared key bills that opposed unethical interests of any group, the lobbyists launched a massive campaign in order to safeguard the interest of their clients.

You must have heard of Abramoff Scandal which clearly shows the nexus between Congressional corruption and lobbyists. News online provided extensive coverage of the investigation in which legal action was taken against Republican lawmakers like Tom DeLay and Bob Ney, along with their staffers. A renowned lobbyist with huge influence in US politics Jack Abramoff arranged free first-class trips, for both the Republican lawmakers and their staff to flex the law in the favor of his client. This is neither the first instance nor the last which shows how lobbyists interfere in the law-making process and even influence political agendas.

Generally, lobbyists bear the expenditure of the getaways that might involve members of Congress and their spouses. They usually book five-star vacations for Congressmen that are tied to bogus and brief seminars or cultural exchange events in order to give the trip a legitimate look.

Democratic Party government has always tried to maintain a safe distance from the lobbyists. President Obama has recently taken a stern action by cracking the whip on lobbyists but expert fears that the measures taken by the government will have very little impact on the activities of the lobbyist. Whether Democratic and Republicans will ever succeed in getting rid of this practice only the future will unfold!!

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