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Seven Tips for How To Get Abs in a Week

When you think about how to get abs in a week, it might sound like a waste of effort. It may seem improbable, even impossible. While getting a six pack within a week isn’t likely, it is attainable under particular circumstances.

For starters you have to be physically fit at the outset. If you are overweight or more than a few pounds obese then there is practically nothing you can do to get a six pack within week. Even so if you are in decent shape and are willing to put in a week of intense training and weight-reduction plan then it is possible.

Learning how to get abs in a week entails studying the following techniques, and implementing them to the best of your abilities.

  1. Diet

Any attempt to get abs to show up quickly is heading to require an extreme diet. The type of diet plan that you should have to follow will be difficult, and honestly unhealthful. Even so since this is only heading to become short term diet plan the negative impact on your health will be minimal. Basically you need to eat a meal that is pure protein and low in calories. You are required to have virtually zero carbohydrates and as little fat as possible.

In all likelihood you will be eating a diet of pure, unseasoned and flavored chicken breast. By slicing out virtually all fat and carbohydrate you will force your body to begin to utilize its stores of body fat for energy. The bad part about a diet like this is that it will likely leave you feeling tired, which is a mental hurdle that you will have to overcome if you are heading to follow the rest of the steps that will show you how to get abs in a week.

  1. Aerobic exercises

You need to exercise until you are exhausted, and then train more. Doing aerobic workouts will help you to burn calories, and with a diet that is already highly restricted you should show results more rapidly. The key to losing weight is to use more power than you consume. When you are trying to do a thing as extreme as learning how to get abs in a week, then you need an extreme workout. You need to push yourself with aerobic workouts that will push you to the edge of exhaustion.

  1. Weight Training

Although it is generally considered a bad idea to do resistance training every day, this type of program is the exception to the rule. When mastering how to get abs in a week you are not trying to build muscle, you are trying to burn calories. Using light weights for high reps is a great way to burn calories.

  1. Rest

You will be putting your body through an ordeal if you genuinely hope to learn how to get abs in a week. In sequence for your workouts and diet to be powerful you need to sleep at least seven to eight hours a night.

  1. Drink lots of water

Drinking water will give you zero calories meaning that drinking it to keep your stomach full is a good idea. While on an extreme diet you cannot have any juice, sports drinks, or dairy products. You also need to keep hydrated to enable your body to continue to function even though you push your self to the limit.

  1. Keep active amongst exercises

You need to burn as many calories as you possibly can. This means that even when you are resting amongst workouts you need to keep active. Walk as much as you can, you can even do a little jogging if you think you can handle it.

  1. Stay positive

What you are putting your body through is extremely difficult it might even be defined as self inflicted torture. It’s important to keep yourself focused on your goal. It’s also important to keep in mind that this kind of diet and exercise program is not nutritious and should never be done for long intervals of time. It’s a great way to learn how to get abs in a week, but should only be done for a week at a time.

Fitness Routine

6 Super Simple Boosts For Your Fitness Routine

Anyone who has held onto a fitness routine for any length of time knows that slumps are unavoidable – those days or weeks when you would rather be doing anything other than working out. So when the down days come, here are 6 mind games you can play (and win) to get yourself back into the groove and into the gym.

Take a stroll

Research shows that all you have to do is look at a picture of nature for five minutes and your blood pressure will lower. When you actually get out there and start taking in nature, you’re giving you body and brain a big boost. If tension and stress and feeling like you’ve got too much to do to fit fitness into your routine is what’s keeping you locked out of the weight room, take five and take a stroll.

Take a swim…more specifically, take a float into the pool and chill

Sven-Ake Bood, Ph.D says that, “floating produces a deep state of relaxation in the body.” This isn’t just great for your mind it works wonders for your body too. Floating in a quiet pool for 20 minutes can reduce pain and speed healing – not to mention give you a much needed break. If an injury has halted your workout, grab a raft and head for the pool.

Mess around

Dr. Stuart Brown studies the health benefits of playing. He says that playing games improves your immune system and speeds healing from illnesses. So if you are continually grounded by a cold, the flu or other illness, get out the Pictionary and play a few rounds!

Give a little love

When you get close and touch the one you love (or would love to love) your body releases a hormone called oxytocin that “has been shown to reduce stress, improve immune function and increase cardiovascular health,” according to James Fallon, Ph.D.. So cuddle up, hold hands, hug it out and hang on. This boost can be just what the doctor ordered if you need a little inspiration to get you back on track and feeling great.

Take a little love

While you’re handing out love, don’t forget to compliment yourself. When you feel bad about yourself you are more likely to be sick – which makes you feel worse. In a recent study, women who felt good about themselves were found to be sick about 30% less than those who had low body image and self esteem. Weight had nothing to do with the way the “healthy” women viewed themselves. It was based on an appreciation of what they were capable of, had accomplished, were going to accomplish and how they wanted to feel. So go ahead and face that mirror and let yourself smile. You’re a one-of-a-kind and there’s no replacement for you.

Hold that smile.Now that you’ve started to smile, keep going. Smiling may be our most amazing natural resource. When we smile it changes everything about us from the outside in. Write yourself a note, or a few dozen notes, to remind yourself to smile. You’ll feel a boost of energy zap through you. When you’re almost to the exit for the gym or the park or the track, bust out a smile and hold it! It will get you there and keep you there, which really gives you something to smile about.