Common Back Pain Symptoms

Chronic back pain affects millions of Americans, causing them to develop countless back pain symptoms, including lower, upper and middle back pain. Some patients may also show signs of stiffness, soreness, neck pain, trouble standing, burning, tingling, or numbness. If not properly treated, these symptoms may worsen over time. For this reason, it’s important to seek medical assistance if you’re suffering from moderate to severe back pain.

Common Back Pain Causes

There are number of causes associated with back pain, including physical injury. Back injury is one of the most common causes of back pain. This can be the result of a sports injury, poor posture or over-exerting one’s self. These types of injuries can usually be treated with rest and over-the-counter medications; however, further medical assistance may be needed if the pain persists.

Medical conditions, such as a herniated disc, kidney infection, cancer or osteoarthritis, may lead to chronic back pain. Many of these conditions can damage the spinal cord, resulting in sharp back pains. In order to diagnose your condition, your physician may need to perform a slew of tests. Depending on the severity of your pain, these tests range from a simple physical examination to an x-ray or MRI. Having these tests done will help reduce your risk for more serious back-related issues.Once your doctor has determined the cause of your back pain, he or she will recommend the best treatment method.

Typical back pain treatment methods include prescription and non-prescription pain medication, exercise, hot and cold compresses (watch how to make an ice or heat compress), and surgery. What is Facet Thermal Ablation? Facet thermal ablation is a type of laser spine surgery used to minimize the pain caused by a spinal condition. There are several conditions which can warrant this type of treatment, including facet disease, facet joint syndrome, facet hypertrophy, facet arthritis, and degenerative facet joints. People with these conditions may exhibit different symptoms; however, they’re caused by either arthritis or the deterioration of the facet joint. These debilitating conditions can hinder your ability to move and support yourself.

Unfortunately, wear and tear and aging are the most common causes of arthritis and facet joint damage, meaning these spinal conditions are difficult to prevent. While physical therapy, rest, over-the-counter medications or exercise can relieve your back pain symptoms, you may need to have this surgery done.

Unlike other spinal surgeries, facet thermal ablation is not invasive, requiring only a local anesthetic and a small incision. With the help of a powerful laser, the surgeon can clean and deaden the nerve connected to the facet joint without much difficulty.In addition to being less invasive than other procedures, facet thermal ablation is also less time-consuming. Scarring is also concern for many patients; however, this type of procedure leaves limited scarring.It’s important to contact your physician if you’re experiencing any painful back symptoms.