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How Breast Enlargement Creams Compare With Other Methods

There are numerous products available in the market other than breast enlargement creams and serums.Unfortunately, not all products for enlarging breast size can give you satisfactory results. In fact, you can often times find products and manufactures that  provide unreliable products, which give you only minimal results.

Read this article to find out why topical creams and serums have been proved more more beneficial when compared to other breast enhancement methods and products, like pills, chewing gums, hormone injections, patches and foods.

Breast Enlargement Creams and Serums

First off, cream-based products are applied directly to your breasts. Since the substance gets absorbed into the skin very fast, you can expect to see results much faster than with other treatments.

Creams and serums represent a safe and practical solution. Best products do not contain any harmful preservatives, chemicals or synthetic hormones. In addition, it will only take you minutes per day to apply it.

Breast Enlargement Pills

Herbal pills can also help you grow your breasts in a natural way. In most cases, you will need to consume pills once or twice per day, every day. As mentioned, herbs and nutrients in the pills can be effective, but your body will not absorb these ingredients in the same way as creams and serums do.

Unlike topical creams, pills need to be digested first, which significantly prolongs and weakens the desired result. In most cases, you will need to wait for months to actually see improvements in your bust size.Just have in mind that chances are you wont see any result at all, especially if you forget to eat the pills on regular basis.

Breast Enlargement Chewing Gums

Breast enlargement chewing gums can be described as a product, which (obviously) freshens your breath, and can increase your bust size as well. Just like with the pills, you need to wait for more than 30 days for the herbal ingredients to take effects. This is because your body needs time to consume herbal components contained in the juice derived form these gums.

Most gums contain inadequate quantities of herbs for breast enlargement to occur in the first place.

Breast Enlargement Hormone Injections

Despite the fact that hormones injections can be very harmful for your health, they are still a very popular breast enlargement procedure among women. I guess that these women are not familiar how higher levels of hormones in your body can result in hormone imbalances, which can lead to serious diseases, such as tumors or cysts.

Be smart and limit the use of hormonal products to protect your health! Choose a good cream or serum instead, it is completely risk-free and has no side-effects on your body.

Breast Enlargement Patches

Patches are directly attached to the skin for faster absorption. However, glue can restrain proper absorption of ingredients in your skin, which results in slow or weak breast enlargement effect.

In addition, patch can fall off your body  very easily. You may may not even realize it happened. Another major disadvantage about the patch is that others can notice it and start asking you questions about it.

Breast Enlargement Diets

Since breasts are made up of fats, you can potentially increase its size by gaining more weight.This may seem like a practical solution, but do not forget that it can also lead to health problems like obesity. Not to mention that you will lose all the gains as soon as you lose all the weight you gained.

Breast Enlargement Food

Foods  like soya, ginger, lentils, wheat germ, chickpeas and apples for instance, can help you improve both shape and size of your breasts, but only when taken in large quantities and on regular basis. But even if you take these foods regularly, you most likely wont see large difference in your bust dimensions as most of the ingredients responsible for the enlargement will be neutralized by your digestion.

When it comes to natural breast enlargement methods, proven natural breast enlargement creams and serums seem to be the best way to go. But whatever breast enlargement product you decide to go with, make sure it was properly tested and proven to be safe for your body and health.

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