Additional Information on Visas For US Citizens

The Federal Aviation Administration (FOA) publishes all the required Travel Information for all United States Citizens on their web site. For those who are not United States citizens, the FOA has a Passport and Visitor’s page. The page provides basic information about where to obtain a Passport. It also provides information on what countries’ citizens of the United States may travel to, when and how long they may stay. All types of Travel Information are provided on the site, including:

The FOA publishes a list of all travel document requirements for all United States Citizens. Passport applications are required for each trip that is departing the United States. When applying for a passport, the applicant must provide proof of citizenship. Documents supporting the identity and nationality of applicants are needed for each trip that the applicant makes. These documents include birth certificates, naturalization records, and passport-like images of a non-immigrant and resident card or birth certificate. Passengers who intend to stay in a foreign country other than the one for which they are traveling need to have an electronic Travel Reference Information database card.

When applying for a passport, there are several options available. An applicant may choose from among the many passports offered by the United States Department of State, the Department of Homeland Security, or the Canadian passport and visitor’s card. Passengers can also purchase their own passports from various authorized vendors.

For those individuals traveling to the United States or Canada, they need to understand certain customs-related information. Some of this information relates to crossing the border and staying within the United States or Canada. The travellers need to know when they are leaving the border, how long they will be outside of the country and if they will be crossing into another country. Individuals are advised to arrive at airports and train stations early to allow time for customs and Border Protection agents to process their passport.

Many people do not realize that the tourism industry supports millions of jobs in the United States. In Canada, approximately three hundred thousand tourists visit Vancouver each year. At the same time, many residents choose to visit Toronto, which is Canada’s fourth-largest city and which is a thriving cosmopolitan center. A popular destination among U.S. travelers is Niagara Falls, which is also home to numerous attractions for both tourists and residents. Niagara is an excellent tourist destination for those interested in adventure and water sports activities. It is important that visitors follow all of the applicable u.s. travel warnings and guidelines.

Passengers headed towards Canada may also want to take advantage of the opportunity to register as either a Canadian citizen or a green card holder. Green card holders have additional benefits including easier processing at the airports and more opportunities to visit U.S. bases and get benefits. Immigrating to the United States requires proving your identity but obtaining a Canadian visa can be a very easy process. Many new immigrants choose to stay in the United States rather than risk being refused entry into the country. Those who decide to leave the country can apply for an immigrant visa in order to remain legally present in the United States.