End of the Era – New Tourism Minister

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End of the Era – New Tourism Minister

If you are traveling during the month of September and is planning to use a credit card for any trip, you should keep current with Travel News. The period starts on the first day of the month of September and ends on the 14th of the month of October. For many businesses and individuals travel is a vital part of their life. They do this for business travel and pleasure and keeping up with the latest news and events is essential. Many people also take time off of work to travel, often for business related reasons.

In the United States, many people get out of town before the traditional vacation and head back to India to visit family and make friends. For many Indians in the United States, they head to Florida to visit friends and family. On the first weekend of September the Indian Ministry of Tourism sent a message to all of its foreign visitors, advising them to stay away from the United Kingdom until the Indian tourism ministry lifted the travel ban. Indians were told that they will be able to travel to the United Kingdom once the ban is lifted but once that happened no one was allowed to travel to the UK from Indian destinations.

Indians all over the world were greatly upset by this development and as a result the Indian tourism industry was greatly affected. British citizens who were already planning to travel to India changed their minds and instead decided to travel to the United States or another country where they would be welcomed. Many of those who decided to leave were students from abroad who decided to continue their education in India. Those who decided to stay behind packed their bags and left on cruises or trains but many of those who left for India stayed behind to experience first hand what life was like over there.

There are so many travel companies that send representatives to the North East to meet with the Indian railways and provide tours to Indian cities such as Kolkata, Chennai and Delhi. These travelers also include pilgrims and even people who are planning to migrate to India from abroad. Traveling in India during the time of the Indian elections was a very interesting experience for me because you could see the political scene unfold right before your eyes. The Indian voter’s main focus is going to be the elections so they do not pay much attention to other developments in the country which could have an impact on their vote.

So, as you can see the Indian election results had a huge impact on the Indian tourism industry and it was very unfortunate that the prime minister lost his seat. The leader who was appointed was PM Kevranee Obama and she is the daughter of the US president. The economy of India is in a slow motion so everything is taking its time and that includes the tourism sector. Many Indian cities are seeing a major decline in the number of tourists and businessmen who are heading to visit Pakistan or the Arabian Peninsula are now thinking about India instead.

Tourism is one of the biggest industries in Pakistan, so when this happened many people had to lose their jobs and travel agents were the first to face the problem. But now the whole travel industry is going to take a hit because of the new tourism minister Sajjan Kumar. He introduced a tourism policy which he claims will boost the country’s economy but the critics think otherwise. Whether the tourism industry will recover from the damage caused by the tourism minister’s policy will be seen after the end of the decade.