Finding the Best News for Travel

Breaking news for travel and news for holiday makers, sports enthusiasts, and media professionals. Find breaking news on traveling, accommodation, attractions, travel, events, and more in Hong Kong. Hong Kong news is all-encompassing, covering everything from local events to world news. Here are some examples:

* The Hong Kong Tourism Office: The tourism office has a news service called Hong Kong’s Travel & Tourism News, which is part of their broader media portfolio. A full-fledged news service that provides a variety of news items, including breaking news for travel and holiday makers, from its homepage. Subscribers can also sign up for their weekly digest to receive updates directly to their email inboxes. A buttigieg or buttigee subscription gives the most recent updates first, with older updates appearing on a normal news feed.

* The Hong Kong Travel Advice Bureau: This is one of the country’s most reliable travel advisors. It provides a venue through which it can help travelers plan their trips, evaluate travel options, get recommendations, subscribe to travel newsletters, etc. Subscribers can go straight to the source, access the full story line, view the Digest Schedule, Browse by Category, Receive Translations/annot-Read Alerts, and much more. The full story view allows subscribers to see all posts as they appear, without being blocked by ad-spam filters.

* Hong Kong Sailing Magazine: Considered one of the leading sailing publications in Asia, this magazine is geared towards travel advisors who cater to the cruising and offshore travel market. It provides the latest reviews of popular overseas sailing events, featuring such events as the Transpacific Yacht Club’s 75th anniversary party and the Annual Meeting of the Hong Kong Sailing Association. In addition to travel tips and itineraries, the magazine also offers articles on everything from food and wine to boat tours and ports and airports. The Magazine is completely free to subscribe, but requires a paid membership to read its content.

* Smart Travel Magazine: This is a new digital travel magazine that sends updates directly to your email, so you never have to wait for the news piece to arrive in your inbox. Smart Travel features four distinct sections for tips, reviews, new trends and travel news. Subscribers can receive the latest news from cities around the world, including London, Paris, New York, Rome, Sydney, Barcelona and more. Members can also access exclusive photo galleries and information on destinations. Subscribers can also receive a full story on a range of destinations, including recommendations and the best time to visit.

The news and travel sections feature a full story on every destination, including travel tips and advice, airport hotel rates, dining options, car rental deals and much more. News can be customized to include your own comments and suggestions for destinations, so that you receive the latest information firsthand. Smart Travel has no subscription fees and allows unlimited downloads. To subscribe, all you need is an internet connection and a credit card. With the Smart Travel subscription, travel advisors have everything they need to make their client’s vacation one they won’t forget.