Finding the Best Travel News From Around the World

It’s all about the travel news today. Whether you’re a savvy international traveler, a first-time traveler or a seasoned traveler, you must constantly be aware of current travel news. You can’t wait to see what’s going on in other parts of the world, but it’s often difficult to follow along with the stories. There are many sources for current and timely travel news. Read below for some recommendations.

The International Business Times (IBA) – The Business Times is one of the most popular and trusted travel newspapers in the world. Their travel section features breaking news from around the world, including travel advice, hotel reviews and more. In their travel section, they even provide a list of “must visit” destinations for this year.

Al Jazeera America – Like the Business Times, Al Jazeera America offers some great travel news as well as current events from around the world. They offer breaking news reports and often feature interviews from local correspondents. This is another great resource for those who travel frequently.

Travel Magazines – Many of the top travel magazines have travel sections. They often write about travel, destinations, hotels and airlines. Some of the best travel magazines like Time and Condo in Paris are packed with information and often include a few helpful tips for vacationing internationally or for frequent travelers. Some of the travel magazines like Men’s Health and Travel magazine also offer up-to-date news and information for travelers. A quick glance at these travel magazines is sure to provide some helpful travel advice. Just remember that the travel magazines are not meant to be all-encompassing.

MySpace and Facebook – If you’re a traveler, then you’ve probably heard of either MySpace or Facebook. Both these social networking sites offer up-to-date travel news, and many celebrities are “liking” or following their favorite destination spots on Facebook. This can be a great tool for keeping up with news about your area of travel. You may also find some great deals that you can take advantage of by visiting the local attractions or checking out any new hotels that you find on Facebook. Both sites offer some great photo galleries as well.

eBay – Another great resource for finding travel news, deals, and reviews of local attractions, businesses, and places of interest is eBay. People all around the world have turned to eBay to buy and sell items they might be interested in. With eBay you can find anything you can think of – but watch out for scams. Scams have been plaguing the internet, and the only way to avoid being a victim is to make sure you know exactly what you’re looking for, before making your purchase. Keep your eyes open and look around at all the different kinds of travel magazines for the best travel advice and information.