How to Choose a Blog Theme to Get Started Making Money Online From

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How to Choose a Blog Theme to Get Started Making Money Online From

Blog travel is a new trend that is taking over the internet. The travel industry is booming as many people are finding themselves spending large chunks of time at home instead of travelling. This is great for the economy but bad for the traveller who wants to be able to share their experience. So how does one make money blogging? In this article I will be looking at two of the top blogs which are making huge profits for their authors everyday.

The first blog that we will look at is called Long-Term Traveler. The owner, Jason Cox, decided that he would set up a travel blog to help travellers find success. He wrote posts on a regular basis and then built a huge following who shared his passion with others. He knew from the very start that if he could find success with this blog that others would too. In fact, it became so popular that he now runs his own network of affiliate marketers.

The second blog we will look at is called Backpacking Dad. This blog was started by Dan McComas back in 2021 with the mission of providing help for parents who are planning long-term trips. He started with a simple website called Backpack Dad and has grown it into one of the most popular blogs in the world. His main aim was to help parents learn the importance of planning safely and packing properly. He offers a variety of tips for long-term travel and also covers things like budgeting.

Once he had become well known as a travel blogger, he launched his own product called Packing Mastery. Within twelve months he made it to the top spot on the eBay Bestsellers list. His secret is not hard to understand. He created a top-rated guide full of practical advice and tried to make it as easy as possible for readers to follow. All of his posts are very helpful and his recommendations are simple to follow. In his last blog post he also included some tricks to help you save money on your next trip.

The third blog we will look at is called Backpacking Mom’s Blog. It is run by two women called Julia and Sarah. They live in Washington DC and write about almost anything that comes to mind. Their blog site is updated on a regular basis and if you check it out you can get some great travel tips from them as well as enjoy the beautiful scenery they call home.

We have looked at three travel blogs that are completely packed with tips and advice to help anyone wanting to start making money from their blog. It is important to find a topic you are passionate about and then build your blog around that. If you are not sure how to do that then take a look at other blogs that have themes similar to yours. You can use your own blog to attract visitors and then monetize your blog through advertising. The more traffic you get the more likely your site will make money online.