Is it Possible to Make Money With a Blog?

As many travel bloggers know, it’s a blog travel guide’s job to help you find the best routes and the best hotels for your next vacation. This can be done by narrowing down what you are looking for in a hotel or searching for flights and train times for your destination. But how do you find the best deals and where do you find them? Fortunately, there are many resources available to help with just about any blog post on travel.

The first place to start on the road to making money from a blog is to find an interest that you are passionate about. If you love to blog about travel, than obviously you’ll want to put all of your energy into helping people get started with their own blogs so they can have the same experience as you. However, you need to choose a topic that you are very passionate about. Choose something that you have some experience with and can bring up good, useful information for others to read. It also needs to be something that you believe in so you won’t get bored blogging about it.

After picking a blog topic you will enjoy writing about, you need to start putting together a basic website that shows off your work. I recommend starting with a WordPress blog, but you don’t have to if you don’t feel comfortable with it. The site name should be descriptive enough on your blog as to what it is you do. You want to use keywords in your title, and in your subheadings and in your header tags so they’ll be easy to find when someone visits your site.

Once you have a website set up for your travel blog, you need to start looking for a book deal. Most travel websites offer a blog section on their site that has everything you need to get started including price, a blog photo album, book deals, and more. Start bookmarking all the sites you find that fit your needs the best so you can easily pull up their page in your browser anytime you want to look up a great deal. This will save you so much time later on.

When you start getting some sales, you want to make sure to follow up promptly. Follow up within one day to make sure you captured your reader’s attention. If you give them more than thirty days to respond, you are more likely to find success with your travel blog. Also make sure you give people the option of responding by email or using another method. There are a lot of reasons why it’s important to give people options. By doing so, you’re more likely to find success with your blog and earn a long-term readership.

If you follow these tips and do everything else correctly, you should have no problem earning a full-time income from a blog in three years or less. The first year or two are going to be crucial in determining how much you make. The third year is when everything else comes in and determines your long-term readership. The more targeted your site name, the more targeted your content will be and the more targeted your advertising. Do everything possible to get everything else right if you want to have success with your travel blog over the long run.