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News From the News for Travelers

“News For Travel” is the second feature article in the series “News For People Who Love to Travel.” In this issue, the focus is on the domestic travel industry and what people are reading about, buying, using, and planning for their travel experiences. The first article covered “news of the season.” This one looks at the news from the individual perspective of travelers.

(This is a partial transcript of the interview. Text in brackets; names in quotes; respondent’s response in bold) Q. Do you read the news for travel? A. Yes, frequently. Specifically, do you read about the latest travel industry news, issues, and trends, the next vacation trends, where to go and what to do in next summer, next winter, next spring, next, etc. ?

A. We notice that most of the people who rely on airlines, buses, trains, and taxis to get around prefer to read about the news through tabloids, rather than read articles about individual destinations. But even then, many of the respondents said that they still read at least some articles on the subject. Many of the respondents said they follow the travel industry and the airline industry closely. A number of them said that they are interested to see which airlines are doing well or poorly during the current global economic crisis. Many of the respondents also mentioned that they follow the trends in international travel, particularly in third world or low-income countries.

Q. When should I consider booking a domestic flight for my next vacation? A. There are some exceptions to the rule that apply to vacations only: if you are traveling with your family or with someone older than 70 years old, and if you are not able to drive yourself to your next destination. Even then, you should think about booking at least a short-term flight as frequently as possible for the duration of your trip.

J July 2021 is approaching, and we can expect a major international health scare, especially in the areas of immunizations and infectious diseases. In addition, there’s a threat of a new flu or epidemic in the short-term. We’ll be watching to see how the US and other countries react to all this. So the news for travel industry subscribers in July should be more about the trends that will affect the travel industry in the near future, rather than about the latest developments in the domestic travel market.