Get Started With Your Travel Blogging Today!

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Get Started With Your Travel Blogging Today!

Blog Travel Guide is a blog dedicated to the art of travel. Each week, she shares interesting tips about traveling to different parts of the world. Started in 2021, Msidula Dwivedi is still writing on her blog Travel Tales from India ever since. The blog was featured on the “Your Best Travel Guide” blog in Travel + Leisure Asia. Here are some of the tips that she shares on this blog:

Blog Travel Guide is all about is creating an interesting travel blog with the aim to generate an organic passive income from it. In other words, this blog’s aim is not to create another hit travel magazine or to become another face in the war between Google AdSense and affiliate marketing. Rather, it is to explore travel as a hobby and to share with others experiences that may be otherwise hidden. For this to happen, you need to have the right approach. And for that, you need to adopt the right travel blogging theme.

In fact, many travel bloggers are not keen on writing about places that they have visited. They prefer to write about things that they did not get to see. This is understandable, since we all love to travel and to share our experiences with others. However, there are some travel bloggers that would really enjoy writing about their adventures.

In case you are interested in blogging about your adventures, then you need to choose a blog theme that is related to your interests. You can either choose “things I did not like about my last visit to” or “my worst experience”. If you have a strong interest in the place that you are writing about, then you can easily evoke emotions within the reader through the words that you use. One excellent thing about having a strong interest in the subject matter is that it makes your blog more believable and true to life. This is why you should go for a niche blog site name when you have decided to launch a travel blog.

The name of your blog will greatly affect your credibility as a travel blogger. You must also consider choosing an appropriate name that will make people remember you over others. It is advisable to get inspiration from two things – books and travel blogging. Try to find two popular books that were written by authors who share a common passion with you. These books may serve as the foundation of your blog.

Once you have picked a blog topic, the next thing that you have to do is to register it on the top-rated blog hosting sites. This will help you get started building your site. Once you get started building your site, you will have a lot of freedom over how you want your site to look like. In addition to that, you will also be able to get started building a strong support team to help you with your blog. Remember, a strong support team is vital if you want to get started building your blog in the right direction.