News For Travelers: H3N1 Virus Worsening in Mexico

News for travel can be overwhelming for a newbie. Especially if they have never traveled before. The best way to learn about news is to trust travel advisors. They are usually well versed in all travel related news and will be able to help you pick up the pieces if you fall victim to any of the current pandemic viruses.

There is a lot of concern about health-related news in the US at the moment. A lot of travelers have cancelled their travel plans or are concerned about a breakout of any new diseases. While it’s good to have a bit of general knowledge, there’s no substitute for a detailed plan of attack if you’re due to embark on any of your next trip’s international travels. A travel advisor will keep you on top of the pandemic virus story lines and help you manage any risks associated with your upcoming travels.

One of the more pressing issues at the moment is how to cope with a possible outbreak of the deadly flu. As many as ten million travelers have already been vaccinated against the highly contagious H3N1 strain of flu this year. The US has been particularly hard hit with an estimated 26% of travelers so far. Fortunately, most travelers have been vaccinated due to the fact that there has not been an epidemic of this magnitude since H3N1 swine flu in 2021.

On the flip side, the news for travel advisors also reports that there has been a resurgence in the Middle East. With more than half of the region’s travelers now getting the seasonal flu shot, a lot of travelers are worried about contracting the virus. While this doesn’t mean that everyone who was ever infected with the virus is actually going to get it this season, it does indicate a possible increase in cases for the current pandemic.

The news for travel advisors continues to be concerned about another potential outbreak in Mexico. There have been several outbreaks before, but none has been as large or as recent. Mexico has been experiencing a sewage spill that has sent millions of gallons of contaminated water into the country’s West Coast. The virus may have come from animals and rodents that had been reintroduced into the area after years of being removed from the wild following the outbreak of AIDS.

It’s not a good time to be traveling to any of these places. The virus is always coming back with a vengeance. However, the news for travel advisors say that the post-pandemic H3N1 outbreak looks to be slowing down while Mexico is experiencing what could be a lengthy pandemic. No one knows exactly what will happen next, but travelers should make sure they are fully vaccinated before setting foot.